Sep issue


February 2020 Issue of LIGHT AVIATION

  • CEO’s Chat - Steve Slater seeks your help in responding to important CAA Consultations.
  • News - CAA launches PtF paid ab initio training Consultation.
  • Letters - Infringement, news from a Bursary winner, RAeS E-racer competition.
  • Cockpit Audio - Ian Fraser tests ANR headsets & asks what suite you best.
  • Headset review - SEHT mike/Sony domestic headset hybrid & SEHT’s own SH40-60 ANR.
  • Project News - A Europa, a Sling 2 and a Colomban Luciole are completed.
  • Destinations - Martin visits Stamford, a charming old town with plenty of attractions.
  • Coaching Corner - Takes a closer look at loss of control, a continuing problem in GA.
  • Flight test - Clive Davidson delights in the performance and handling of the Van’s RV4.
  • EC Review - CAA needs to make some decisions on Electronic Conspicuity.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes introduces the VAC and presents the Strut calendar.
  • Bleriot - Telford Thomson builds a replica Bleriot XI for the Suffolk Aviation Museum.
  • Project News Special - Dave Pilkington explains how to complete your kit - a Sling 4.
  • STEM - Colin Anthony on how it can encourage youngsters into an aviation career.
  • Meet the Members - We meet Devon Strut stalwart and former marine, Steve Robson.