GASCo Ditching & Sea Survival Seminar
Rally 2015


Places are available for this highly-recommended seminar, which takes place over two days.  Day one consists of presentations and advice on how to prepare for flight over water; ditching techniques and sea survival reinforced by practical open water sessions using General Aviation life-saving equipment in the RNLI's world class sea survival pool with environmental effects culminating in a simulated rescue. 


On the second day the Seminar moves to Lower Swanwick, near Southampton to use Andark's Underwater Escape Trainer.  In the afternoon it is also hoped to visit the Distress and Diversion Cell at NATS ATCC and the National Maritime Operations Centre (incorporating the UK's Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre).


Date: Wednesday 11th March and Thursday 12th March 2020

RNLI College, Poole, Dorset and Andark Diving and Watersports, Lower Swanwick. Southampton.


Prices: Day 1 - £275 per person - Day 2 - £190 per person


Day 1 (Presentations only with no in-water training) - £20 per person


Bookings close at 1200 hours on Monday 10th February 2020


Book online here


28th January 2020