June 2021 Issue of Light Aviation




  • Rally Chair Chat - Eryl Smith says come and enjoy the 2021 75th Anniversary LAA Rally.
  • News - The Association launches a GINFO post box aircraft registration service.
  • Letters - Remembering Rex Coates; single seat aircraft fun.
  • Project News - Blue Two canopy problems, Murphy Elite on floats and Zenair CH-750 progress.
  • Tour - Neil Wilson brings members up to date on plans for July’s England 75th Anniversary Tour.
  • Barton Birthday - Barton Fly-in celebrates Ernie Horsfall’s 103rd birthday.
  • Flying Adventure - Martin recalls the pleasures to be had in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.
  • Coaching Corner - Tips on route planning to minimise the risks of infringing controlled airspace.
  • Flight test - Clive Davidson flies a Rotax powered ARV1 Super2, a 1980s British trainer contender.
  • Struts4U - Anne Hughes with news and views from the Struts and Strut dates for your diary.
  • Dubrovnik to Mostar - Harry Leefe recalls a post Balkan Conflict private Dubrovnik to Mostar flight.
  • Landing vouchers - Free landing vouchers for July, Breighton, Enstone, Strathaven and North Coates
  • Old Warden - Steve Slater invites members to the Flying For Fun Old Warden Evening Airshow.
  • Batteries - Ian Fraser advises on maintaining your battery and switching from lead-acid to lithium.
  • Meet the Members - We meet RAF and Navy fast jet pilot Tim Taylor, now a biz jet and Auster man.
  • Where to Go - Plenty of fly-ins with far fewer cancellations, here’s to good weather to enjoy them!
  • Chat - Steve Slater recalls how past challenges of the often return to become challenges for today.