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Brian Hope

I joined the then the Popular Flying Association in 1976, when I learned to fly, and owned a Jodel D117 from 1988 until 2016, logging the best part of 2500 hours with it. Having sold it, after a four-year hiatus I was having hunger pangs and bought another Jodel with a friend, just as Covid struck. At time of writing Early 2022, I am about to revalidate my licence.

I got involved in Association ‘business’ via my involvement with the Mid Kent (now Kent) Strut, which I had joined when I bought the first Jodel, and was invited onto the PFA Executive Committee in 1992. Over the years I have been the Treasurer, a Vice Chairman, a member of the LAA Board and from 2001 until I retired at the end of 2021, the editor of the Association magazine.

During a spell on the Board, I opened my big mouth when, having employed somebody to do the job and he didn’t, I volunteered to attempt to start a few Engineering courses for members. This went reasonably well, proving there was an ongoing need, and after a very tatty cabin was replaced with a better cabin, and then a room within the LAA office building, Covid caused a cessation in early 2019.

Having time on my hands now, Ed Hicks having taken up the reins of Light Aviation, I have picked up the cudgel again and, with a new workshop facility which will permit a greater variety of courses, and an enthusiastic Engineering team supporting the venture, we have relaunched the courses and are steadily expanding the subjects available.

Keep an eye out in LA and on the Association website for news of courses available. My home phone number is 01795 662508; Mobile 07949 650847; Email Please feel free to contact me at any time if you require help or advice regarding LAA or recreational flying. I will do my best to help, and if I can’t then I probably know somebody that can.

March 2022

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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