Andrewsfield Aerodrome

Radio Frequency:


01371 856 744



* Information not to be used for detailed flight planning - please check details with airfield or current chart

Opened in 1942 as RAF Great Saling, it was used by both the Royal Air Force and The United States Army Air Forces. During the war it was used primarily as a bomber airfield and afterwards it was used briefly as an airfield for testing jet aircraft before it was closed in late 1945.

Great Saling was the original Air Ministry name for the airfield when construction was begun in 1942 by the 819th Engineer Battalion (Aviation) of the United States Army. However on 21 May 1943 the official name was changed to Andrews Field in honour of Lieutenant General Frank M Andrews.

Today the remains of the airfield are located on private property being used as agricultural fields, with a small portion used by the Andrewsfield Flying Club.

Located on the Eastern edge of Stansted CTR and TMZ, this is a nice grass airfield to visit. PPR by phone please. A/G radio is 130.550 and the listening squawk is 0013. Right hand circuit at 700ft QFE.

Voted in 2012 as an award winner for an outstanding place to visit, offering the visitor value for money and helpful service, Andrewsfield is worth a tootle across to Essex. Opened in 1943 and originally known as RAF Andrews Field after the original leader of the American 8th Air Force.

AVGAS available. Hot and cold food in the café.

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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