Beverley Airfield

Radio Frequency:


01964 544994



* Information not to be used for detailed flight planning - please check details with airfield or current chart

Operated by the Hull Aero Club, since 1991, the airfield offers a grass runway, a restaurant and AVGAS fuel is available. Visitors will find Beverley airfield ideally suited for a flying trip to the Yorkshire Wolds and the coast.  When not flying, a visit to the nearby market town of Beverley is well worth while.  The town is host to a number of cultural festivals during the year.  It has two magnificent churches, a famous racecourse and many other attractions.  We can advise on overnight accommodation locally or provide some space on the airfield for a small tent.

The airfield is situated in quiet Yorkshire countryside where you can relax, meet friends and enjoy the fun of flying.  You will be welcome as qualified pilot, an aviation enthusiast or just a passer-by.  As a student pilot, you could be on the way to gaining your flying licence!

Visitors should be aware that search & rescue helicopters operate from RAF Leconfield (N5352.62 W00026.11). Their VHF radio also uses 123.05 MHz. The SAR base is 2.9 nm from Beverley on a QDM of 246 degrees. Do not overfly Leconfield! Other places to avoid are Leven village which is 1½ miles to the east of Beverley and Brandesburton which is a little further north.

All circuits are to the north at 1000 ft AGL: right-hand for runway 30 and left-hand for runway 12. For further details please telephone.

We strongly advise visitors to arrive overhead at a minimum of 1500 ft and descend on the dead side to join the circuit at 1000 ft. Be aware that paramotors may be flying at low level on the dead side.

Beverley radio is 123.050. Non-radio aircraft not accepted. Avoid local villages please.

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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