Brimpton Airfield

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Alan’s Mobile  07836 775557



* Information not to be used for detailed flight planning - please check details with airfield or current chart

Brimpton is a delightful place, with some interesting aircraft and a Summer Fly-in event when we welcome visitors from near & far, by air or by road.
The Club has about fifty members and twenty aircraft at the strip. There’s a friendly clubroom with simple cooking facilities, toilets, a covered veranda with picnic tables and barbecue.

The airstrip was first laid out in the 1950's by Sir William Mount, owner of the land and a director of Miles Aircraft at Woodley.  Rumour has it that he used it to commute the 15 miles to work every day in his Miles Messenger!  During the 70's it was used by crop spraying contractors.  Alan House took it over in 1977.  The first aircraft there was Alan's Cessna 175 Skylark.  By 1979 there were three more light aircraft based on the airstrip.

In 1983 Alan bought a 1950's ex RAF Percival Piston Provost T1, G-AWRY from the Shuttleworth Trust, the first of several of the type to be restored and fly from Brimpton, giving the airstrip its identity till today.

Radio is 135.125 but is not always manned. Please PPR before you leave to see if the airfield in open, especially in the winter as the surface is liable to get soggy. If you don’t  get a reply from the radio or mobile, please don’t visit, go another day. The strip is only 520 metres long so have your short strip skills with you.
The local LAA Andover Strut hold their yearly fly-in, in early October here.

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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