Gloucester Airport

Radio Frequency:


01452 857 700



* Information not to be used for detailed flight planning - please check details with airfield or current chart

With 1 x grass runway and 3 x hard runway, this airport offers full ATC and GPS approaches. Avgas, UL91 and Jet A1 are all available. Transair have a shop on site, as well as the Aviator restaurant offers a good selection of food and drink. Why not visit local towns such as nearby Cheltenham with its lovely architectural buildings, or Gloucester itself, with the cathedral and famous dock area. Also see the brand new Jet Age Museum which opened in 2013. Check for opening times. Free entry.  PPR: 01452 857700 ext 223 Radio: 128.550.

During World War Two, Staverton served as an RAF training base. Also, during the 1940s, flying pioneer Sir Alan Cobham helped develop in-flight refuelling here.

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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