Huddersfield Airfield

Radio Frequency:


07767 483373 or 01484 645784


Website :

* Information not to be used for detailed flight planning - please check details with airfield or current chart

Please PPR. Look out for turbulence on approach to runway 25. Please try and use this runway if possible. Quarry to the North, land beyond the threshold on 25 if possible. Circuits are left hand at 1,000ft QFE. A friendly airfield ,with light refreshments available, a pub and café are about 1 mile and ½ mile away if needed.

Limited fuel, please ask before leaving. Avoid flying over houses and hospital ½ mile from runway end. Beware of local T.V. and radio masts within 6nm of the airfield, look at the plates for locations.

All engine checks MUST be completed before entering runway 25. Absolutely NO checks are to be undertaken on the threshold or on the stub.
Engine checks may be carried out at the end of the 07 taxi way but absolutely not on the runway.

Radio is 128.375

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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