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Offering both hard and grass runways, Sherburn is located within the Church Fenton MATZ. PPR please.  Avgas, Jet A1 and Mogas available. There is a very smart café on site, called The Pilots Retreat giving a good choice. A full Sunday roast is offered each weekend. Winter Operating Hours (November to April) - Airfield operates unlicenced on Mondays fuel etc still normally available. Sherburn Radio; A/G 122.60 Fixed wing aircraft should join overhead at 1500ft 'Fenton' QFE and descend on the deadside to  the circuit height 1,000ft.

During the Second World War it was used as a Royal Air Force station. From 1940 Blackburn Aircraft used it as a Ministry of Aircraft Production factory here to build 1,699 Fairey Swordfish naval torpedo aircraft.

The Armed Forces Experimental Establishment (AFEE) was moved from RAF Ringway to Sherburn on 17 June 1942. It was charged with the development of means of delivering allied armed forces to the war front by military gliders and other means. The AFEE moved to RAF Beaulieu on 4 January 1945.

Post-war, Sherburn has been used by private pilots and by aero clubs for training and leisure flying. The Yorkshire Aeroplane Club was based here for many years and organised several international air rallies in the early 1950s.

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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