Spanhoe Airfield

Radio Frequency:
135.475 (Safety Com)


01780 450205


* Information not to be used for detailed flight planning - please check details with airfield or current chart

Completed late in 1943 and opened on New Year's Day 1944, the station had already been earmarked for US troop carrier use and a station complement squadron moved in to ready the base between 4 and 7 January.

In 1946 Spanhoe was closed and returned to the farmers from whom it had been requisitioned.

As of 2015, the airfield is currently active and houses various privately owned light aircraft. It is also the home of Windmill Aviation, an aircraft maintenance company. The south-western taxiway is now runway 27, and the southeast section of the wartime 14/32 runway was re-opened in 2004. Some of the wartime Nissen huts are in use and a new hangar and maintenance building was erected on the site of what was a large wartime J-type hangar.

PPR before leaving home base. Please avoid local villages, vehicles occasionally use the runway. One grass and one hard runway. When inbound please call RAF Wittering 125.525 and also prior to departure. AVGAS available, closed on Sundays. Airfield Safety Com is 135.475

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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