Tatenhill Airfield

Radio Frequency:


01283 575 283



* Information not to be used for detailed flight planning - please check details with airfield or current chart

Located in a rural area of Staffordshire  4 miles west of historic Burton on Trent. Sudbury Hall (N. Trust) is just across the county border. Tatenhill is open between the hours of 09.00-17.00 in the summer. Tea, coffee and sandwiches are available midweek with catering at weekends. AVGAS and Jet 1.  PPR with an overhead join. Radio  124.075 Air/ Ground Service only. The airfield has an East/West runway. Grass runways are now only used for taxying.

The design was the wartime RAF standard of three co-intersecting runways, east-west, north-south diagonal. While the north-south and southwest-northeast runways are now only used for aircraft parking and one has a new reserve hangar built at one end, the east-west one remains in everyday use. A wartime Bellman hangar remains in use. The runway is licensed for use at 1190 metres in length and is capable of handling a large range of General Aviation aircraft. This runway also has lighting, enabling both night landings and training for night ratings. A non directional beacon is installed but there is no let-down procedure.

Photography (mostly) Neil Wilson

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