Meet Our Members
Meet Our Members


John Kempton

Former Joxkey and trainer of a Grand National winner

Light Aviation issue : November 2019



Darren Lewington

Pilot, aircraft owner and businessman

Light Aviation issue : July 2019


Andrew Beech

Former ATCO, race pilot, and current instructor and airline training captain

Light Aviation issue : May 2019


Peter Kynsey

Long-time air display pilot, former airline pilot and Tiger Club CFI

Light Aviation issue : April 2019


Tony Bianchi

Engineer, aircraft builder, film industry pilot and aerobatic contestant

Light Aviation issue : March 2019


Richard Grace

Warbird restorer and pilot

Light Aviation issue : February 2019


Ajay Prince

'Royal' seal of approval for LAA

Light Aviation issue : January 2019


Simon Goozee

A fascinating life around military aircraft and flown recreational types from hang-gliders to light aeroplanes

Light Aviation issue : December 2018


Rex Coates

Longtime LAA member, former BA Engineer and salwart LAA Inspector

Light Aviation issue : September 2018


Ron Perry

Glider and tug pilot, LAA Coach and Smaragd owner

Light Aviation issue : August 2018


Peter Murray

Long time LAA Inspector

Light Aviation issue : July 2018


Stan Dauncey

Bede BD4 owner, PCS Coach and Inspector

Light Aviation issue : June 2018


Adrian Goodwin

Engineer, former merchant seaman and Enmeraude fan

Light Aviation issue : May 2018


Lengthy career in aeronautics and his passion for flying GA aircraft & helicopters

Light Aviation issue : April 2018


Don Lord

Lord, of our manor and skies

Light Aviation issues : February 2018: Part I / March 2018 : Part II



David Faulkner-Bryant

Builder, rare breed cattle farmer and former PFA Chairman

Light Aviation issues : December 2017 : Part I / January 2018 : Part II


Alan Chalkley

Alan Chalkley, alias John Beeswax, who wrote LA’s popular Over the Hedge column for more than thirty years

Light Aviation issue : November 2017


Chris Harrison

A theatre acrobat turned RAF and commercial pilot with a lifelong enthusiasm for the lighter end of aviation

Light Aviation issue : September 2017



Chris Thompson

LAA Coach and Test Pilot who's also captian of Popham's Antonov An-2

Light Aviation issue : July 2017


Arthur Willliams - LAA Ambassador

Piper Cub owner and Channel 4 TV presenter

Light Aviation issue : June 2017


Peter Watts

Sirocco-builder, former Formula 3 driver, and an acclaimed restorer of classic and vintage racing cars and aircraft

Light Aviation issue : May 2017


Russ Woodland

Former RAF helicopter pilot and airline captain who’s now with the CAA as a Flight Ops Training Inspector

Light Aviation issue : April 2017


Steve Kember

The UK representative for Lambert Aircraft
and the owner-builder of the first Mission M108 in the country

Light Aviation issue : March 2017


Lou Rex

Former Chairman of Sherburn Aero Club and builder of steam engines and a superb Jodel D140E Mousquataire

Light Aviation issue : February 2017


Alan Crutcher

Aeronca Enthusiast

Light Aviation issue : January 2017


Dudley Pattison

Serial aircraft builder, woodwork course provider and Rally Homebuild Centre Organiser

Light Aviation issue : December 2016


Toni Hausler

Light aircraft and glider pilot Toni Hausler

Light Aviation issue : November 2016


Gerry Holland

The Shabby Chic Pilot

Light Aviation issue : October 2016


Paul Sistern

The MGL man and owner of Parts for Aircraft

Light Aviation issue : August 2016



Alan James

Founder member of the Pietenpol Club, builder of exquisite Air
Camper G-BUCO, propeller maker and recent builder of a superb Isaacs Spitfire

Light Aviation issue : July 2016




Dave Silsbury

Aircraft builder, restorer, pilot, LAA inspector and founder member of the Devon Strut

Light Aviation issue : June 2016




Theodore Willford

Who, with Dave and Rick Bremner, built the superb Bristol Scout replica

Light Aviation issue : May 2016



Lauren Richardson

Aerobatic Aviatrix

Light Aviation issue : April 2016




John and Jenny Whicher

Doctors Fly for Fun

Light Aviation issue : March 2016



Steve Slater


Light Aviation issue : February 2016



Alan Gray

Auster pilot and mentor

Light Aviation issue : January 2016



Mike Clews

Enthusiastic Europa pilot and mentor with the Joystick club, encouraging a new generation into aviation

Light Aviation issue : December 2015


Wendy Hinchcliffe

Stits SA3A Playboy pilot and membership secretary of the HAA

Light Aviation issue : November 2015



Richard Webber

Former West Country farmer and long time Auster enthusiast

Light Aviation issue : October 2015



Andy Strachan

LAA Member and Test Pilot

Light Aviation issue : September 2015



Jon Cooke

Chairman of LAA's Pilot Coaching Scheme

Light Aviation issue : August 2015



John Romain

Head of the Aircraft Restoration Company

Light Aviation issue : July 2015



Dave Gibson

Shares a Jodel Mascaret with Martin Charlick (Feb 2015)

Light Aviation issue : June 2015



Dave Linney

Harrier and Dassault Falcon pilot who now flies a Replica Plans WWI S.E5a for fun

Light Aviation issue : May 2015



Simon Wilson

The Royal Navy Historic Flight's lead Fairey Swordfish pilot and LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme Coach

Light Aviation issue : April 2015



Brian Lyford

Builder, Pilot and Enthusiastic Strut Member

Light Aviation issue : March 2015



Martin Charlick

Co-owner of a Jodel Mascaret and flies out of Hanstridge

Light Aviation issue : February 2015


Brian Davies


Brian Davies

Elected LAA Chairman in 2014, Brian flies his self-built Europa and is currently engaged in the

build of a Pioneer 300

Light Aviation issue : January 2015




David Millin

Jodel Owner and Devon Strut Chairman

Light Aviation issue : December 2014




Geoff Burroughs

Former Armstrong/Isaacs Scholarship winner Geof Burroughs has gone on to start a career at Oxford Airport training to be an air traffic controller

Light Aviation issue : November 2014



Pete and Ann Smoothy


Pete and Ann Smoothy

LAA members who have been supplying members with aircraft parts and equipment for many years

Light Aviation issue : October 2014



Caroline Rhodes


Caroline Rhodes

LAA member who flies Falcon 20 jets for CAS and in her spare time, pilots a variety of LAA types

Light Aviation issue : September 2014



Glen Flicker


Glen Fricker

Commercial pilot, part-time display pilot and DH Rapide pilot for Duxford's Classic Wings

Light Aviation issue : August 2014



Bob and Gilly Weaver


Bob Weaver

Bob flies a Tecnam Echo from Pymore, Dorset

Light Aviation issue : July 2014



Pete White


Pete White

Chairman of the Aeronca Club and an enthusiastic advocate for Young Aviators

Light Aviation issue : June 2014



Simon Pratt


Simon Pratt

Former London Bus driver shares a Luscombe Silvaire at Farthing Corner airstrip with two fellow LAA members

Light Aviation issue : May 2014




John Reed

John flies a Streak Shadow that has been adapted with hand controls, having lost the use of his legs some time ago

Light Aviation issue : March 2014



Mike Mold


Mike Mold

Long-time LAA-er and founder member of the Devon Strut

Light Aviation issue : February 2014



Vic Southan


Vic Southan

Wessex Strut co-ordinator who flies out of Henstridge

Light Aviation issue : January 2014



Corinne Dennis


Corinne Dennis

Aerobatic Enthusiast

Light Aviation issue : December 2013



Miles McCallum


Miles McCallum

LAA Inspector and well-known for both his mechanical and journaluistic skills

Light Aviation issue : September 2013



Mike Roper


Mike Roper

A composite guru who enjoys Rutan designs in particular, and has never lost his love of aeromodelling

Light Aviation issue : July 2013



Gary Smith


Gary Smith

One of the stalwarts of the LAA ET courses and an enthusiastic pilot and builder

Light Aviation issue : June 2013



Tony Young


Tony Young

Long-time stalwart of the Wessex Strut and proprietor of Aircraft Coverings

Light Aviation issue : May 2013


Graham Newby

Graham Newby

Former CEO and current LAA Board Member

Light Aviation issue : April 2013