Gold Wings

How to gain your LAA Gold Wings

Check out the requirements below, then download and complete the application form:

Entries, based on your log book or other documentation, should then be verified by an LAA Coach, LAA Strut Co-ordinator or Chief Flying Instructor.

Mail your form and any supporting documentation to LAA HQ.

Your LAA GOLD WINGS brooch can either be awarded to you at your next LAA Strut local meeting, or if you prefer, will be sent to you by post.



For the LAA Wings GOLD award, a total flight time and pilot-in-command time of 500 hours TOTAL, 400 hours PIC, are required in the following classes of aircraft:

* Single Engine Piston (SEP);
* Single Engine Turboprop (SET);
* Simple Single Engine Aeroplanes (SSEA);
* Multi-Engine Piston (MEP);
* Touring Motor Glider (TMG);
* Self Launching Motor Glider (SLMG);
* Microlight.


Just flying more hours doesn’t necessarily mean you have a greater depth of knowledge or breadth of experience, so the LAA Award scheme recognises additional training or achievements leading to the addition of ratings or certificates. As you develops flying experience from the LAA Wings BRONZE Award through to GOLD, each stage of the scheme requires achievements to be completed.

For the LAA Wings GOLD award, FIVE ACHIEVEMENTS ARE REQUIRED. This list is not exhaustive but gives examples of the scope for pilots to select a combination of achievements that suit their personal choices. Achievements used in gaining a BRONZE or SILVER award may be counted towards successive awards.

Pilot Qualifications
* Night Rating
* Instrument Rating (Restricted)
* Mountain Rating
* Aerobatics Rating

* Radio Navigation certificate
* Ground Instructor certificate

* LAA Strip Flying Diploma
* LAA Cross-channel checkout
* LAA Proficient Pilot Diploma (coming soon!)

* Complete a Royal Aero Club handicapped Air Race


Attendance at Safety Seminars and associated training courses help develop pilot knowledge and understanding which are essential in the continued development towards greater situational awareness.

Verified attendance at THREE DIFFERENT SAFETY or TRAINING EVENTS is required for your LAA GOLD WINGS.

A list of acceptable safety events are on the Eligible Activities page, and include:

* LAA Seminar
* LAA Engineering Courses
* GASCo safety evening
* Military civil air safety days
* Other Aircraft maintenance engineering course
* Flight instructor seminars
* PPL master classes


Sadly too many pilots never venture out of their local area, which is both limiting in terms of enjoyment and fulfilment, but also stifles development and confidence.

The LAA Wings scheme therefore includes a requirement for applicants to complete longer navigational flights, which challenge your knowledge and skill.

For the LAA GOLD AWARD, pilots must therefore have evidence of completing a total flight distance of greater than 600nm with at least four intermediate take-offs and landings, OR flight distance of 400nm with a sea crossing greater than 20nm AND completion of BRONZE and SILVER challenges.


Apply for your LAA Gold Wings now!

Please wear your gold wings with pride, you have achieved the ultimate!

Now, have you thought about passing your knowledge on to others? How about helping out at a LAA Strut or joining the LAA Pilot Coaching Scheme?

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