PTL/1 Propeller type lists

For an LAA aircraft there can be two sources of information which can be used to signify approval of propellers on LAA aircraft.

The first is the aircraft’s Permit to Fly Operating Limitations document.  This lists one or more propellers that can be installed on the particular aircraft to which the document applies with out further reference to LAA Engineering.

The second is the LAA Propeller Type List PTL/1 for a given type.  This list describes propellers of a type and description that LAA Engineering has previously cleared on a similar installation and accepts is suitable for all aircraft of the type, subject to any special provisos as stated on the list.  Again, no further reference to LAA Engineering is required. 

A given propeller could appear on either or on both sources.  The PTL/1 list does not normally include all propeller types that have ever been fitted previously to a particular aircraft type, but only those which are known to be popular and likely to be universally suitable.  Use of any other type of propeller other than those shown on the PTL/1 or on an existing Permit to Fly Operating Limitations document would necessitate embarking on the LAA Engineering modification procedure, making an application and paying a fee in the normal way. In the case of in-flight adjustable propellers, due to the several variables in setting them up and the effect their installation often has on the aircraft's weight and balance, a propeller change application form is required, followed by flight testing authorised by LAA Engineering, to verify the safe operation of the aircraft and compliance with the appropriate requirements.

If you are relying on this list, rather than the Operating Limitations to demonstrate that the propeller fitted to your aircraft is approved then it is important that you keep the PTL/1 document safe along with the Permit to Fly and be able to provide it to your LAA inspector on request, especially at the occasion of a Permit renewal inspection.

Please observe the guidance notes provided on the reverse side of each list which describes the procedure for the use of the PTL/1 in detail.

If you should choose to fit another propeller in future we strongly recommend you choose one from the PTL/1 list and hence avoid the paperwork, fees and inevitable time involved in getting a new type of propeller approved.   It is LAA Engineering’s intention to expand the number of types that have PTL/1 lists as well as the types of propellers on the existing lists.

Guidance on how to choose the correct blade pitch setting for ground adjustable propellers is provided in the Rotax Service Instruction SI-03-1989.  Follow this link to take you to the Rotax Service Instruction index page.

It is essential to download, read and attach the important notes to each Propeller Type List (PTL/1)

(Note that you need to select the 'important notes' link to navigate through to the PTL/1 lists by type.)

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