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Airworthiness alerts

One of the key strengths of the LAA's system is that we can monitor the fleet centrally and keep track of airworthiness incidents from around the world. Where necessary, we can then let our owners know, to help them keep flying safely.

Latest Alerts:


5th November 2021:
Eurofox Tricycle Undercarriage (3K version)

2nd November 2021:
Europa Door Latch Shoot-Bolt Stops

26th March 2021:
Post Lockdown - Airborne Again

11th February 2021:
CAA Safety Notice SN-2021/005 : Lockable Gascolator Drain Valves On General Aviation Aircraft.

5th February 2021:
Hoffmann HO-V 72 Propellers:
Hub Inspection

26th January 2021:
Jabiru Aircraft (All Marks) Jabiru Service Bulletin JSB 044-1 : Control Surface Hinge Inspection

Full listing of Airworthiness Alerts can be found below:

Engineering news

Mogas containing up to 5% ethanol

LAA Engineering has started to approve aircraft with certain engines to use 'E5' mogas. Further information can be found on the E5 Mogas page (Aircraft & Technical - Operating & Maintaining Aircraft - E5 Mogas). The information includes general conditions and checks to be made, as well as downloadable placards. The placards may alternatively be requested from Engineering by sending in a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Placards for aircraft fitted with eligble engines will also be included with the Certificate of Validity at Permit revalidation.

Engine condition monitoring programme

A useful addition to the Aircraft Maintence section is a spreadsheet that is designed to record up to 10 important engine parameters that will automatically produce graphical representations of each parameter based on both calender time and engine hours. Have a browse

Aircraft design section

The Aircraft Design Section contains a variety of Excel spreadsheets designed to assist in the many calculation tasks required in aircraft design and development.  Although limited to start with, we are working to add new content on a regular basis. Have a browse:

Popular Plans-Built aircraft you can build

All the aircraft are on the LAA's approved aircraft list;

The plans are available;

The aircraft has been built and approved in the UK.

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